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Cururupu is a town and municipality in the state of Maranhão in the northeast region of Brazil. It is loved by many people in Brazil for it's Carnaval, people come from far away, even from Rio de Janeiro to celebrate Carnaval in Cururupu.
Cururupu igreja Cururupu do Maranhão

The village was founded on the 3rd of October 1841, it officially gained status of city on 9th of march 1920. Since then it has grown to a population of 35.108 in 2009.
With an area reaching up to 935,59 km² it has 37,5 inhabitants per km². The distance to the capital of Maranhão (São Luiz) by road is 465km.

There are several ways of getting to Cururupu:
 - There are busses going to Cururupu from Belém and São Luiz, stopping at different bus terminals along the way. The road entering Cururupu is the MA-006.
 - Aero Taxi flies you directly from São Luiz to Cururupu (CPU) is only 40 minutes. Cururupu has a small sandy landingstrip suitable for smaller aircraft to land.
 - By sea (and road) leaving from the harbour in São Luiz
Cururupu porto Cururupu Airport
Cururupu is a great place for many things
Ilha dos Lençóis
 These are a number of islands along the coast of Cururupu, these islands consist of sandy beaches, dunes and inpenetrable mangrove forests. Ilha dos Lençóis can be reached by boat.
The local myth says that Dom Sebastião, king of Portugal, lives on the islands as an enchanted bull, with a star on it's forehead.

Cururupu Carnaval Carnaval Cururupu
Carnaval de Cururupu
 As mentioned before Carnaval is greatly celebrated in Cururupu. It is one of the busiest times of the year. With Carnaval lasting several days there is a big party in the centre of Cururupu on the Praça as well as in Area Branca (just down the bridge).
During the Carnaval period various blocos march the streets dancing to loud music and having fun. On the last night of Carnaval there is a wonderful Carnaval parade going through the heart of the city.
In 2011 Carnaval will be held from the 5th of March, officially ending on the 9th of March.

Floresta dos Guarás
Literally translated this means "Forest of the Scarlet Ibis", due to the fact this animal is abundent is these forests they named the forest after the bird.
Floresta dos Guarás is located in the municipalities of Cedral, Mirinzal and Porto Rico do Maranhäo. The area is covered with rainforest jungle, rivers and a rich flora and fauna.

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